Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
TrueLicense Core The TrueLicense Core module provides essential functionality for license management.
TrueLicense IT The TrueLicense IT module provides the integration tests.
TrueLicense JAX-RS The TrueLicense JAX-RS module provides a RESTful web service interface for consuming license keys.
Truelicense JSF The TrueLicense JSF module provides a web user interface for consuming license keys.
TrueLicense JSON The TrueLicense JSON module extends the TrueLicense Core module in order to add support for the V2/JSON license key format.
TrueLicense Maven Archetype The TrueLicense Maven Archetype is a turn-key solution for designing and implementing a custom licensing schema for your software product. The archetype generates a tailor-made project which is composed of ready-made modules for vending and consuming license keys. The modules contain code templates which you can easily customize without writing code by configuring a set of properties.
TrueLicense Maven Plugin The TrueLicense Maven Plugin generates source files from Apache Velocity template files or obfuscates constant string values in class files.
TrueLicense @Obfuscate The TrueLicense @Obfuscate module provides core functionality for obfuscating constant string values in Java source and class files.
TrueLicense Swing The TrueLicense Swing module provides a graphical user interface for consuming license keys.
TrueLicense UI The TrueLicense UI module provides a user interface technology independent model for wizard dialogs in general and license management wizard dialogs in particular.