TrueLicense is a comprehensive open source license management engine and API for the Java Virtual Machine. Using TrueLicense, it’s easy to vend or consume license keys for your software product: It supports free trial periods, subscriptions, feature sets, hardware dongles, privacy protection, web services, wizard dialogs and much more - see Features page. TrueLicense nicely scales from simple to very complex licensing schemas - see Getting Started page.

Dual License

TrueLicense is dual licensed:

  1. For open source software, TrueLicense is subject to the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 3 alias AGPLv3. In this case, you need to license your software under the same terms! At runtime, TrueLicense logs a notice telling your users that your software is subject to the AGPLv3 and that they need to have access to its source code for free.
  2. For closed source software, you need to buy into a commercial license agreement. In this case, you will get a set of certificates in return for your payment - see below. At runtime, if the signature of each certificate is found to be valid then no notice gets logged.


The price for a commercial license agreement is 299 EUR per certificate per product per annum, plus VAT if applicable. Each certificate is used to unlock access to a particular set of product features. For example, many products need only one certificate in order to unlock access to all their features. In this case, the effective price is just 299 EUR per annum, plus VAT if applicable.


The commercial license agreement stays in effect as long as your product is available for sale. Once your product has gone out of sale, you can terminate the agreement without notice. However, no refunds are paid.


For ordering please contact sales AT schlichtherle DOT de. Please include your billing details, the name of your product and the number of certificates. I accept PayPal and wire transfer - no credit cards please. Once payed, I’ll walk you through the simple certification process.